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Praktica L-line. Production period: December 1969 to December 1989. Number of Models: 49, including 6 prototypes. Number of produced items: 4,836,879. responsible constructor: Rolf Noack. Since 1969 the new Praktica-generation were introduced into the market. These cameras were adapted to the typical properties of the world market. The design of this camera type demonstrates a high degree of. Taking the other similar looking, better or worse equipped sister models of the L-series into account, there were together even more than 4.8 million bodies. No other German SLR has ever achieved such numbers. But more about that in a future post. Typenbezeichnungen und Produktionszahlen der Praktica L-Serie. Die verschiedenen Generationen unterscheiden sich manchmal nur in äußeren Details. Praktica L - the entry-level model, no built-in meter. LB - as the L, but with an external selenium meter and match needle on the top plate. LTL (later MTL series, and many, many others) - with stop-down metering via a meter paddle on the front next to the shutter button. LLC (later PLC) - full aperture metering switched by partial pressure on. PRAKTICA L SERIES Knopfzelle Batterie Battery neu - EUR 2,00. FOR SALE! Praktica L series Knopfzelle Batterie Battery neu Bedingungen / please READ - 32452586242 Praktica Kameras L Reihe 1949 and successor to the Praktiflex.. It became a long-lasting series of SLRs produced by KW and then by Pentacon.The last Praktica produced was the BX20s, discontinued in 2001.. Ausstattung Der Praktica Kameras L Reihe Ausstattung der Praktica-Kameras (L-Reihe) Seite 1 von 2 Michael Sorms - www.d Page 10/3

Serien-nummern-bereich **) Praktica (082) angegossene Trageösen. 1949-1950. 14 000. 1 000-34 000. Praktica (083) eingeschraubte Trageösen. 1950-1951. 25 000. 34 000-42 000. Praktica (084) Blitzkontakte Kameraboden. 1951-1952. 10 000. 42 000-51 000 . Praktica (085) 3 einpolige Blitzbuchsen (F und X) Kamerafront. 1952. 13 000. 51 000-80 000 *) Die Angaben von Richard Hummel in. I've been scrolling down the net to find a servicing guide for my Praktica L-2, unfortunately most links with useful information are permanently unavailable. I thought we should gather information (PDF, Videos, Pictures etc etc) on how to fix these cameras, there is still a lot of them out there and I'm sure more than a few persons would be glad to know how to repair them. Here's what I dug up.

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seltene (Serien-)Varianten; Unikate und Kuriositäten; Werbeartikel und ähnliches ; Sortierung innerhalb der Themengebiete: Praktica, Praktica FX, Praktica FX2, Praktica IV, Praktica V, Praktica nova, L-Reihe, B-Reihe, BX-Reihe, BY-Reihe. 1. Versuchsmuster, Funktionsmuster, Prototypen. Praktica IV - Werksmuster. Der Praktica-Schriftzug ist hier nur aufgeklebt. Praktica PL nova I mit. In 1974, Praktica (Ralph Noack) rebuilt the RTL 1000 concept more closely around it's L-series body. Gone was the Exacta bayonet lens mount in favor of the more standard M42 screw mount Praktica introduced (1949, Zeiss Contax S), popularized in the US by Pentax. The M42 screw mount was about as close to a standard lens mount as 35mm cameras have ever come. The VLC took the interchangeable. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Praktica L series Knopfzelle Batterie Battery neu bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel The L series is a very high quality camera of rugged construction, following the nadir of DDR camera quality in the nova and IV series*. Old meters, of course are less likely to still be working, but with a bridge circuit, the L series will work fine with alkaline 625 batteries with no worry about matching voltages or weakening charge. These also have a very ingenious and capable auto-load.

Praktica L - first generation. Production period: December 1969 to October 1978. Number of Models: 20, including 3 prototypes . Number of produced items: 1,110,357. responsible constructor: Rolf Noack. The degree of standardisation of this series dither in dependence of the final model between 70 and 90%. The cameras were characterized by the following features: vertically-moving metal blade. Camera Praktica series L. 130 € Author: Praktica Provenance: Germany Age: 1970 Style: Uncategorized Design: This is an SLR. • Jacket alloy body, covered with a black leatherette • Metal focal-plane shutter with vertical movement; range of shutter 1s - 1 / 1000s + B • Set the exposure time at the top surface of the body • Prism and focusing screen with Fresnel lens, possibly also. The Praktica L series cameras are no lookers. These ugly ducklings aren't going to turn into swans any time soon. Boxier and using more plastic and die-cast alloys than the Nova series they replaced, they were a couple of rungs down the ladder of aesthetic appeal. The early LLC, of which mine is an example, have Pentacon and the Ernemann tower logo stamped into the front of the prism housing. The Praktica L is the basic of the basics. It is a M42 mount fully manual and mechanical 35mm SLR with no light meter. The L is the first camera released in the BIG Praktica L-series family, manufactured by VEB Pentacon in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR/East Germany). Putting the word big in capital letters is i

Among Pentacon's Praktica SLRs, its L-series was far and away the most popular. From 1969 to 1989, forty-nine different cameras would fall under the L series umbrella, and with more than 4.8 million units produced, it dwarfed all other Pentacon product lines. Even with this many different models, the L line cameras all share the basic core DNA; they are all beginner-friendly feature. PRAKTICA L 2 Spiegelreflexkamera Lens Objektiv Pentacon Auto 1,8/50 Multi Coatin. EUR 89,99. Kostenloser Versand Praktica LLC. Produced 1969-75 VEB Pentacon AG Dresden, Germany. Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24 x 36mm. Weight. Lens varied; here with M42 screw-mount 'electric' Pancolar 50mm 1.8-22. Filter size 49mm threaded New PRAKTICA models followed FX, IV, V, Nova, L-Series which soared in popularity and finally gave PRAKTICA the world wide acceptance of world-class camera manufacturing. 1959 Under the socialists' economic regime, Dresden's camera and lens manufacturers were all systematically merged founding the company Pentacon 1978 Pentacon and PRAKTICA SLR cameras were the first cameras used in a manned. Praktica started as the name of a model of 35mm SLR from KW, introduced in 1949 and successor to the Praktiflex.. It became a long-lasting series of SLRs produced by KW and then by Pentacon.The last Praktica produced was the BX20s, discontinued in 2001.. Introduction. The Praktica series came into existence in the infancy of the 35mm SLR

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The Praktica L2 was a basic model of the 3rd Praktica generation of 35mm SLRs which had two flash synchronized speeds and a focal plane shutter made of steel. Like its predecessor, the Praktica L, the L2 lacks a built-in meter. Pentacon Praktica L2 on www.collection-appareils.fr by Sylvain Halgand Praktica L endoskope at r-kobus.e The L series was top of the world in two aspects: - first camera with plastic top and bottom - first camera with the metal blade shutter Although I'm not shure the second is true, fact is all Praktica promotional brochures mentioned it and the fact that finest swedish steel was used The Praktica L is one of the SLR camera models from the Praktica series from the manufacturer Pentacon from Dresden.. The L in the name indicates the steel lamella closure, which replaced the rubber cloth closure of the predecessor. This new vertical steel lamella slot shutter was finally almost wear-free and temperature-independent Praktica cameras can be classified in different series or generations. The Praktica super TL 1000 belongs to the fourth and last L series generation. The first L series generation appeared in 1969 with the Praktica L. Apart from a more modern design quite different from the previous PL nova series, the main novelty was the shutter. Instead of.

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