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The official documentation for Jekyll A comprehensive guide to Jekyll on the official site. It covers topics such as getting your site up and running, creating and managing content, customizing your build, and deploying Just The Docs Free. Responsive documentation Jekyll theme. Get updates about new documentation themes. We email our list around once a month with all the latest. theme updates, special offers and useful resources. Join The Mailing List If you want to shorten this long command, you can put this code in a file such as jekyll.sh (on a Mac) and then simply type . jekyll.sh to build Jekyll. Running the site in Docker. You can also use Docker to directly build and run the site on your local machine. Just clone the repo and run the following from your working dir Jekyll Documentation. Jekyll documentation is a documentation, academic jekyll theme. It is developed by Tomjohnson1492 . Demo Repository Download

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Jekyll has first class support for tags and categories in blog posts. Tags. Tags for a post are defined in the post's front matter using either the key tag for a single entry or tags for multiple entries. Since Jekyll expects multiple items mapped to the key tags, it will automatically split a string entry if it contains whitespace. For example, while front matter tag: classic hollywood will. GitHub Pages is powered by Jekyll, so you can easily deploy your site using GitHub for free—custom domain name and all. Learn more about GitHub Pages Jekyll is simple, static, and is a great blog tool. It is also used for building project and technical documentation. For more information, see the Jekyll website. Both MkDocs and Jekyll take markdown and yaml files and convert them into HTML. They can both be easily integrated into GitHub and you can use GitHub pages to host the documentation

If you want to create different outputs for different audiences, you can do all of this using a combination of Jekyll's Liquid markup and values in your configuration file. This is how I previously configured the theme. I had different configuration files for each output. Each configuration file specified different values for product, audience, version, and so on. Then I had different build. Jekyll documentation themes. Need to document your app or product, or create a support website? Here are the best Jekyll themes for your new documentation project

This builds a PDF for the documentation in the theme. Look in the pdf folder for the output, and see the last generated date to confirm that you generated the PDF.. To build a PDF for the other sample projects, run these commands:. pdf-product1.s An API documentation theme. Carte is a simple Jekyll based documentation website for APIs. It is designed as a boilerplate to build your own documentation and is heavily inspired from Swagger and I/O docs. Fork it, add specifications for your APIs calls and customize the theme. Go ahead, see if we care Dr Jekyll and Mr C. This document provides a high level overview of the Jekyll language, and its translation to and from C. This paper is a bit out of date now as it still describes version 0.19 of Jekyll. Download PDF. Flash Presentation. This presentation provides an introduction to Jekyll. NOTE: This presentation plays properly under windows, but not under Linux. We have not been able to.

A Jekyll-based theme designed for documentation and help systems. See the link for detailed instructions on setting up and configuring everything Running locally. You need Ruby and gem before starting, then: # install bundler gem install bundler # clone the project git clone https://github.com/aksakalli/jekyll-doc-theme.git cd jekyll-doc-theme # install dependencies bundle install # run jekyll with dependencies bundle exec jekyll serve Using Jekyll for project documentation. Jekyll is a popular tool for generating static websites from markdown-like text. Given below are some information useful for when you want to update documentation in a project that uses Jekyll. Setting up GitHub Pages for Jekyll. As GitHub has native support for Jekyll, it can convert your documentation into HTML and deploy it on the githhub.io URL of. Browse The Most Popular 10 Documentation Jekyll Themes Open Source Projects. Awesome Open Source. Awesome Open Source. Combined Topics. documentation x. jekyll-themes x. Advertising 9. All Projects. Application Programming Interfaces 120. Applications 181. Artificial Intelligence 72. Blockchain 70. Build Tools 111. Cloud Computing 79. Code Quality 28.

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